We will continue to support this software to work with relevant functions of its purpose. We do not have a crystal ball and can’t find Nostradamus to help us predict the future, nor can we 100% control what external forces may do in the future that could change this tool.

While we will strive to keep relevant functionality in an expeditious manner, please understand that some things can take time and some things we can’t predict, and some things are simply out of our control. Should any major change occur that requires a change, alteration, or elimination of some features, it will be done as quickly as we can so do. No warranties are given for such unpredictable events for which we have no control. If, for example, Google decides to eliminate maps API or another co-mingled feature with an outside plugin or tool integrated within, we will alter and adapt the tool as best we can…

Bottom line: we are here to make things easy and, as we are all adults, we cannot always control everything and are always working our hardest to do our best.

Rock On!